TSHS #2: We Are Not Home, Leave a Message (w/Guest Josiah)

Ahoy, shippers! We were out of town in Nebraska for this one. Why, you ask? So we could go to Anime Nebraskon, of course! We are also joined by cosplayer and friend, Josiah! We three talk the multitude of nerdy cosplays and panels we witnessed for the con. This one is a prerecord, so no audience interaction or segments, but it’s still chock full of nerd! Stay tuned to our social media outlets for pics of our adventure! Because after all, pics or it didn’t happen! 😉

TSHS #1: Maiden Voyage

Ahoy! Come set sail with Ninny and Alfonzo for our two-hour premiere! This week we’ll meet the captains steering this ship, as we talk many nerd things, including cosplay, nerd things we own, and our heroes! Enjoy the show, mateys!!

Audio version:

TFR Special: Equestria Boys w/Guest Thomas Ostrowski

Hey Bronies and Pegasisters! In honor of the theatrical My Little Pony movie that came out earlier this month, we’re having returning guest Thomas on to Brony it up with Al and Austin! This week, we discuss the first two Equestria Girls films, the human-occupied offshoot of the Friendship is Magic juggernaut. What do we think? Get the opinions of two certified Bronies and a non-Brony within!