TSHS #52: Camp Oasis, Final Week! (W/Guest BeastieRocker!)

Ahoy, Campers! Your Counselors Ninny and Alfonzo here with Guest Speaker BeastieRocker!! This week is our final week of Camp Oasis, and we are celebrating by honoring the adults we grew up with who made a difference in our lives! We are also announcing the winner of our Cringe-Worthy Summer Camp story contest! And of course shipping! So come join our last week blast!

TSHS #49: Camp Oasis, Week 4! (W/Guest 5tatik!)

Ahoy, Campers! We have a special week of camp for you as we have a returning guest! The composer of our intro and outro music is here, the very talented 5tatic! This week we discuss letters from home, camp crushes, food, and more!

TSHS #43: Movie Night in the Brig (w/Guest First Mate Dallas)

Ahoy, Shipmates! In this special prerecord, Alfonzo and First Mate Dallas discuss some movie classics while in the Brig while Captain Ninny was (unbeknownst to Dallas) up on deck arranging Dallas’s surprise party! So come join the diversio-,uh discussion!

TSHS #42: Ahoy Planet Comic Con!

Ahoy-hoy, shipmates! We have a very special voyage as we have sailed to Planet Comic Con this day, and have come away with plunder and stories! Setting sail with us is our First Mate this week is our resident music man 5tatic!

TSHS #41: Fandom is Forever! (w/Shipmate Logan!)

Ahoy, shipmates! Joining us today is Shipmate Logan!! This week in light of the news that My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is ending with Season 9, we are looking back on the magic of the Pony fandom. Also, the retirement of Reggie Fils-Amie, new movies, and more!


TSHS #27: The Last Days of Summer Camp (w/Guest Andy!)

Ahoy, fellow camper! Couselors Ninny and Alfonzo here, with guest Counselor Andy to welcome you to the finale of our special Summer Camp Month! Today we bring you games, quizzes, fun, and a special story written by our guest!

TSHS #23: Full Circle!

Ahoy, shipmates! Do we have a special episode for you tonight! Our first ever game show! Welcome to FULL CIRCLE! Our contestants tonight are Alfonzo, Freya, and Flutterguy, with our Captain and host, Ninny!

TSHS #16: So This One Time at This Convention (w/guest BonnieTale)

Ahoy, shippers! Today we have a very special episode, as we’ve just been to Naka Kon!! We saw a lot and did more, and we can’t wait to tell you about it! Also we have a guest! BonnieTale is joining us as it’s his first experience with a convention! Let’s nerd it up!

TSHS #2: We Are Not Home, Leave a Message (w/Guest Josiah)

Ahoy, shippers! We were out of town in Nebraska for this one. Why, you ask? So we could go to Anime Nebraskon, of course! We are also joined by cosplayer and friend, Josiah! We three talk the multitude of nerdy cosplays and panels we witnessed for the con. This one is a prerecord, so no audience interaction or segments, but it’s still chock full of nerd! Stay tuned to our social media outlets for pics of our adventure! Because after all, pics or it didn’t happen! 😉